Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WELCOME WEDNESDAY: Rene Pace's High School Regret

High school is filled with things to try and my one piece of advice to teenagers is don’t be shy—try them. When I was in high school I really wanted to join the yearbook and photography class which was offered at lunch so it would have worked for me, but someone made the comment only the nerds do stuff like that. Back then image mattered and no way did I want to be seen as a nerd. Truthfully, I was a nerd. For fun in high school I read science journals at home and wrote poetry. And even back then smart guys were the ones I found cute and sexy. Yes, later in life I married my own math nerd. But I so wanted to take these courses without “really taking it” that I used to hang around in the hall when the other kids were working on yearbook stuff and when I finally got the courage to go into the dark room I loved it.

My other huge regret is that I never once tried out for a sports team. I loved to run but was too shy to try out for track. Looking back I think it was more the fear of being seen as a jock that made me fear trying out for a team. That and failure. I wish guidance counselors talked to high school kids about the benefits of trying new things. I know I certainly would have tried a lot more things but I was so fearful of not fitting in that in the end the only person I hurt was myself. And the funny thing was that I ran 5km every second night, and because seeing a girl running in my community was such a novelty, I learned how to avoid oncoming pickup trucks so I just know I would have been good at track.

Good thing when I left high school and went on to university I started to try everything. 

Renee Pace is a young adult writer who likes to tackle real teen issues in her nitty gritty series. Mother of four children she calls Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada home. She loves coffee, living near the Atlantic Ocean and believes strongly in volunteerism. She is a member of Romance Writers of American, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada, the Society of Children Writers and Illustrators, and the Nova Scotia Writers’ Federation. To find out more about Renee’s Off Limits, and her earlier release, Off Leash please visit  

Great post Renee! Thanks so much for stopping by Honestly YA. Off Limits is next up on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it.

Your turn: Did you miss out on any clubs, sports or other activities in high school? What would you have joined if you could have a do over? 

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Melissa Landers said...

Me,too. I didn't try out for any sports teams unless everyone was guaranteed a spot, because I had a terrible fear of rejection. Wish I'd had more of a backbone in high school.

Renee Pace said...

I hear you Melissa. Backbone can be lacking when you're a teen.

Lea Nolan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Renee. I always wanted to join the golf team in high school, but it was full of preppy, jack ass guys and I was too afraid to be the only girl. What a wuss, I probably would have wiped the course with them.

Micki Gibson said...

I was a baton twirler and the junior high cheerleaders were really snotty to the majorettes. When I got to high school, there was no majorette line and the cheerleaders weren't the same girls who made up the junior high clique. Some of them were (gasp) really nice! I secretly wanted to try out for the cheerleaders, but I couldn't do the backhandsprings and other stunts. (Had no clue that most of the girls couldn't do them at first either and learned it at camp.) Plus, my mother had heard me complain about cheerleaders so much, I thought she'd check me into the funny farm if I suddenly wanted to try out. To this day I wish I'd tried out, but the cool thing is that as an adult I HAVE tried out for a couple of NFL cheer teams. (Cut in the first round for one team, but made it to finals twice for another.) My point was that some high school regrets fuel the fire for my "Go For It!" attitude in adulthood.

Renee Pace said...

Micki thanks for popping by and I love your go for it adult attitude!

Lorie Langdon said...

Hi Renee - I didn't try out for any sports teams for fear of maiming the other students. I was, and still am, terribly uncoordinated. But I'm with you on wishing I had tried more things in HS. I plan to encourage my kids to try anything they have an interest in...within reason, of course. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I had it to do over, I would have tried harder to join Key Club. I sooo wanted to be in Key Club but it was a boys only club at that time. I did let the faculty sponsor know on many occasions that girls should be allowed. He repeatedly told me that they never would be...oh, guess again, my dear teacher, never say never! Ha-ha!

Kimberly said...

Hi, Renee! What a great post. I'm not sure I have too many regrets for things I didn't try in high school. I tried everything then. I wasn't interested in sports too much. The only thing I wish I had tried more was volleyball. But as I was 5'2", I tended to get spiked on the most. :-)
I don't have too many do-over wishes in high school, but I have a bunch of them as an adult.