Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Make a Traditional Holiday

When I look back on my childhood, there are three holiday traditions I recall vividly:

Thanksgiving: the day before, polish every single stinking piece of silver.

Christmas: the day before, scrub the bathrooms

New Year's: stay up until 12:10 if - and only if - you're very quiet.

As delightful as these traditions are, I wanted to create new and different traditions in my *cough* adult *cough* years. And I tried. I really tried hard. 

Here are some traditions that have developed in my household over the years...

Thanksgiving means orange juice and bacon are in the house at the same time! Except they're not for breakfast. They're for cooking sweet potatoes and turkey respectively. (I never said my traditions were normal, did I?)

Dinner is not complete without the traditional Thanksgiving flames, hence the festive, holiday-red fire extinguisher. Next year I may add glitter. (Totally not kidding. About the flames, that is. The glitter, probably.)

Not a tradition. (Seriously. Could you imagine the size of the fire extinguisher I would need?) 

My go-to gift for the Toys for Tots campaign. Still on the lookout for a good "boy" gift.

The Christmas season officially kicks of with the annual scavenger hunt for exterior light hooks. They need to be the right shape for the gutters and, more importantly, need to be durable enough to keep the lights in place until the week before Easter, when we traditionally get around to taking the lights down.

On Christmas Eve, we all call "beetlejuice" three times and sing "The Banana Boat Song" around the table. Day-O!
Totally kidding.
This is the opening few seconds of steaming King Crab legs. We're already getting our appetites on.

 Is any holiday complete without the humiliating pet photo? I'm thinking... no.

Okay, so the point is, not all holiday traditions are sugar-cookie warm and candy-cane sweet. Sometimes they're just plain fun or silly. Got any of those in your holiday? Tell us about them!



Pintip said...

Jen, I love your pictures! Great post!

The only thing traditional about my holidays is that my entire immediate family and my husband's entire immediate family get together every year. We change locales (Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland), and we change cooks (although there is always a LOT of yummy food). We always have too many people and too few bathrooms, but it is a lot of fun.

Melissa Landers said...

Hehe! Your fire extinguisher reminded me of all the years my dad deep-fried our turkey. It was so delish, but it's a wonder the house never caught fire.

Kimberly said...

You crack me up! I love the potential glitter-covered fire extinguisher. Our smoke alarm goes off with great frequency in our house. It's a bit temperamental. The first few times, the kids ran, worried that the house was on fire. Then after a while they just helped open the doors and fan the detector with a kitchen towel. Now, they just go about their lives, not even blinking at the alarm. I hope we don't ever have a real fire! They'll just continue watching television. :-)
We make cinnamon applesauce ornaments with cookie cutters pretty much every year. The first year the kids tried to eat them, and the facial expressions were priceless. Smells great. Yummy? Nope.
Great, fun post, Jen! Loved the photos!

Lorie Langdon said...

LOL! Love the humiliating dog photo! ;-)
Our holiday traditions are pretty ho-hum, but I do have a good boy gift idea for Toys for Tots...Legos! I seriously don't know any boys who don't live for Legos. If you get non-movie related sets, I promise they won't break the bank. :)
Fun post, Jen!

Micki Gibson said...

Jen, these are awesome! I say what the heck, go with the glittered up fire extinguisher. I'm tempted to do the same. Great post and you always make me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

CareyCorp said...

Catching up. What an adorable post!