Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bunheads Recap! (Season 2, Episode 2)

When last we were in Paradise, Sasha was secretly meeting Roman at Michelle’s place.  This week, their clandestine meetings continue, with Sasha waiting for him at the dance studio at the end of the day. Why all the sneaking around? It’s not until the end of the episode we get confirmation of what we already deduced: Sasha’s parents are making home life miserable. But more on that when we reach cliffhanger time.

In the meanwhile, Truly has not been paying rent on her boutique, Sparkles, and when her landlady changes the locks, Truly shows up at Michelle’s house asking to keep a few items from her fall line there. This rapidly escalates to Truly hosting a season preview event at Michelle’s, which prompts Michelle to arrange for Truly to sit down with the landlady, Millie, and iron things out.

While it was a fun treat to see Liza Weil in Paradise, the revelation that Millie and Truly were in fact sisters was undermined by their overplayed contrasting personalities. Truly being the flaky and flighty sister, it felt cliché to have Millie come in as the uptight and tidy sibling. Things get somewhat interesting when it is divulged that Truly stole Millie’s boyfriend from her in the past and that boyfriend was Hubbel -- who we all know married Michelle. Naturally, once Michelle introduces herself as Hubbel’s widow, negotiations for a new lease on Truly’s shop disintegrate.

Back at the studio, Boo is eager to see Carl again after his summer away at camp. Carl reminds her she agreed to have dinner with his parents, an event that redefines disastrous. When Boo excuses herself to go to the ladies room, she overhears Carl’s mom refer to her as “a loaf of unbaked bread.” Carl warns his mother she needs to be nice to Boo, that he really likes her, and hey, “I could marry this girl.” Naturally, Boo takes this on face value and convinces herself Carl is going to propose. At dinner at Boo’s house, when cleaning up the dishes with Carl, Boo blurts “Okay, I’ll marry you.” This shocks Carl, as you might well imagine, but the two talk through the confusion and all ends happily. Which is a bit boring, no? Sweet, but boring. (and let’s not forget Carl carved a bow for Boo while he was at camp because he know she likes Hunger Games so much.)

What about Melanie? you ask. Melanie spent the episode catching up on her summer reading: The Great Gatsby, Farenheit 451, The Scarlet Letter

Ginnie is volunteered by her friends to talk to Frankie, half of newcomer brother-sister duo. Cosette, the sister, appears to be fluent in several languages, dances like a pro, and has an extensive wardrobe and quick change skills. Frankie, the brother, plays classical piano and violin and draws effortlessly. When asked where he and his sister are from, Frankie claims they are nomads from Bavaria.

…bringing us up to the cliffhanger ending. Sahsa’s mom shows up at the dance studio to say her dad’s leaving; he’s met someone special and he’s going to move in with him. Mom has decided to move back to LA because she misses Encino. Sasha must decide whether to move to LA with Mom or San Jose with Dad. Of course, Sasha doesn’t want to go anywhere.  But we’ll have to wait until next week to see how Sasha will resolve this dilemma.

Can’t you see this one coming a mile away? I admit to being a little disappointed in this week’s episode, and more than a little creeped out by Cosette and Frankie.

And now, without further ado, your primer on the pop culture references from last night’s episode:

• Donald O’Connor - singer/dancer best known for his appearance in Singin’ in the Rain
• Fiorella Laguardia - mayor of New York 1934-1945; also, very short
• Bob Barker - game show host from 1956 to 2007
• “Channing Tatum is a fine actor” - seriously, if I have to explain who Channing Tatum is, we can’t be friends  (but did you notice the commercial for Side Effects during the broadcast? Side Effects stars Channing Tatum and Jude Law and probably some other people but really, who’s going to be looking at them?)
• Wessonality - in reference to the fresh grease for the chicken at the Oyster Bar - Wesson Canola Oil, featured mind-altering jingle “the chicken’s got that certain…Wessonality” sung by Florence Henderson
• playing golf with Condoleeza Rice  - first black woman Secretary of State, first black woman to serve as national security advisor, one of the first two women admitted to Augusta National Golf Club
• John Wanye’s real name was Marion - true! his real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison
• pulling an Elvis and falling asleep on the throne  / pulling a full Elvis - references the tragic death of Elvis Presley
Love Story, Porky's - I can't believe anyone mentioned these two films in the same breath, and I'm perpetuating that travesty here. Uck.
Franny & Zooey - novel of brother and sister, by J.D. Salinger
• Baryshnikov in White Nights - like the dancing parts of Bunheads? love dance? Watch this movie! Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines, with Isabella Rossellini and Helen Mirren  (1985)
Rockford Files - television series about a private detective 1974-1980, starring James Garner (you may remember him from The Notebook, portraying Noah as a senior citizen)
• Mad Ludwig's castle - King Ludwig II of Bavaria built the fairy tale castle pictured at the top of this post, Neuschwanstein

Were you a Gilmore Girls fan? Shout out if you can identify the GG character played by last night's tap dancer Sam!


Lorie Langdon said...

Brilliant recap, Jen! I agree the freakishly talented Cosette was a bit disturbing, but I enjoyed the mystery that (the slightly less freakishly talented) Frankie adds. :D

Side note: As a writer of YA, I could never get away with a 16 year old character referring to The Rockford Files. I mean, seriously.

Jennifer McAndrews said...

Yes, exactly! The Rockford Files. And Porky's. I could kinda see Love Story - maybe. That might be the sort of thing you'd catch on Netflix - maybe. But the others...damages credibility, imho.
And yeah, Frankie has potential. But together? Cosette and Frankie just... source material for a Steven King novel, yanno? *shudder*

Anonymous said...

This wasn't Rose Abdoo's (GG's Gypsy) first appearance in Bunheads.

I was way more excited to see 'Paris'.

I'm surprised you didn't give info about Boo's line "They didn't even bring Pee Chees."

That seemed pretty obscure to me.

Jennifer McAndrews said...

Wow, Anon, thanks! I totally missed the Pee Chees line. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

Well caught with Gypsy! (yah, I know it's not her first appearance in Paradise but first this season I think. I think. Beans. Now I have to re-watch.) (Though I do agree -- seeing Liza Weil (GG's "Paris") was fun. imo, she totally stole that scene!)

Unknown said...

I am so glad I found this site. I love this show and no one does a decent recap. I can't wait for this weeks recap especially after what Melanie did. lol.