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Bunheads Recap! (season 2, episode 4) (aka S1, ep 14)

When last we were in Paradise...Michelle and Fanny were looking for ways to raise funds, resulting in Michelle committing to a business partnership with Millie Stone. In that same evening, Michelle alienated Godot by insulting his intelligence, and Melanie - after dumping Godot off a barstool - was invited to consider joining roller derby. Unable to get a commitment from Sasha about whether she wanted to move to San Jose or LA, Sasha was given the keys to the Paradise house where she will have to live alone until she makes up her mind. And finally, Cozette and Frankie continue to creep me out. 

This week

Jordan is running class, being a jerk, asking the girls to do impossible things. Apparently the class has killed Baryshnikov - again (pretty sure this isn't literal. Maybe they're killing his choreography?). Melanie has skipped class, but Jordan didn’t notice. Sasha is out apartment hunting, planning to live in her own place. Boo takes a call on her cell phone, taking her mom through a fallen television catastrophe.

Rather than attend dance class, Melanie checks out the Derby Dolls, the roller derby crew Cozette told her about (via flyer) and is subsequently late meeting her dad for dinner. Dad is annoyed by her tardiness since he wanted to discuss Mel’s college choices. Ginny and her mom join them for dinner at the Chinese place. Mel lies to Ginny about where she’s been / why she’s skipping ballet class, blaming her absence on dad insisting on touring colleges and claiming she spent the day touring UC Santa Barbara

Cut to Michelle quoting Casablanca as she enters The Oyster, bearing an apology gift for Godot*after having insulted him so badly on Trivia night (the gift? a DVD copy of Finding Nemo). Godot walks Michelle home and we think maybe they'll seriously hook up, but Michelle finds Scotty on her porch when she arrives home. Scotty is Michelle’s brother (for realz! Scotty is portrayed by Sutton Foster’s brother Hunter Foster) and is visiting after the failure of his fourth marriage - he bolted during the reception but thoughtfully brought some wedding cake. 

Boo arrives for dance class with her siblings (?) in tow; Carl has promised to be there right away to take them, but of course he's not there yet and the kids are disrupting class - especially a boy called Beaver.  Boo is clearly becoming her mother. She and Carl later take the boys to dinner - a portent of their future? further arguing between Boo and Carl about whose turn it is to take the kids. Yup, they're an old married couple - yikes!

At The Oyster, Scotty claims Godot looks dumb; Michelle informs him Godot is an oceanographer. Cue evening of tequila shots. memories of Scotty and Michelle’s childhood after Scotty presents Michelle with the ukelele he found (hers, lost for years). Like little kids again, Scotty falls asleep dreaming of being an astronaut and Michelle nods off dreaming of being a ballerina - what she was supposed to be. Except of course, she actually prepared for that life. Hmm....

Her first time participating in roller derby, Melanie is warned about Bam Bam McGee, Bone of Arc, and Scary Kate and Crashley, the twins (honestly, the Olsen twins will forever be known by these names in my household!). Melanie heads out to the starting ‘line’ in all her paleness. Goes down before she makes one complete circuit but nonetheless feels she’s found her place / is enjoying herself immensely. And wait, was that Cozette in the dj booth? Apparently! She and her brother are in charge of the music and have nicknamed half the team.  They give Mel the nickname “CleoSmacktra” (spelling unconfirmed *s*)

Before dance class, Ginny has a freak out over the hideous bridesmaid dress and is upset at Mel’s scarcity. Ginny's afraid she's going crazy just the way her mom did but is assured by Frankie that there's a fine line between insanity and genius - but only after he tells her she reminds him of a ver Meer, specifically "The Milkmaid" (see photo at top of post). Really? The Milkmaid? If I were Ginny I'd be fully insulted. Come on. She's Girl with Pearl Earring at least! 

Scotty drops in to watch Michelle teach and tell her students how much Michelle hated her ballet teacher and plotted her demise a la Margaret O’Brien. Miffed, Michelle gives Scotty the brush-off when he suggests finding some dinner.

Later at the studio, Jordan lays into one of the young dancerx, earning Boo’s wrath. Boo lays down the law for Jordan, then tries to talk Ginny down from her Melanie-is-missing panic (and poor Ginny really is wearing a shower curtain as a bridesmaid dress) solidifying her role as mother hen.

Ginny, covered in fruit punch her mother threw at the bridal party during the pre-wedding ph9to shoot (remember, this will be the second marriage for Ginny's dad. her soon-to-be stepmom is called Faye), finds Melanie at the roller ring (the million dollar question is HOW? HOW did Ginny find Melanie at the rink? she even asks “where are we?” so how did she get there???). Mel explains to Ginny that she is stressed by her dad’s constant college/SATs/major/future-planning pressure, and roller derby ‘makes sense’ (I guess it helps her let off some steam or forget the pressures of everyday life?) but Ginny is still hurt and angry that Melanie wasn’t there for her at the shoot.

When Ginny finds out that Cozette was the one to give Mel the flyer for roller derby, Ginny rips Cozette a new one, warning her to stay away from her friends, stay out of the foursome.

End of day Scotty returns to studio to get a key to the guest house from Michelle. They argue about the whether Scotty really found the ukulele or had hidden it for all those years, and Michelle accuses Scotty of undermining her authority with her students. The argument continues, fightng about whose responsibility Mom is and how they both seem to believe each has ruined the other’s life. We learn Michelle hasn't spoken to her mother in twelve years. But more, we learn Michelle is prepared to defend and fight for the life she is making for herself in Paradise. 

The episode comes to a close with Scotty and Michelle singing along to ukulele “Tonight You Belong to Me” then we see Jordan driving himself into the ground in a quest for perfection -- or a quest to become Baryshnikov, hard to tell which.

next week - sasha has found her own apartment (making me lose mumble-mumble dollars on my bet she would move in with Michelle), and a surprise will be revealed by Scotty - a dramatic one! (could it be Mom in for a visit???) Tune in next week! 
(does that even apply any more? Does anyone still use a tuner? And if they do, can you get only basic networks on that? In which case you can't see Bunheads anyway so never mind about the tuner thing. Just set your DVR, ok?)

*Yay! Godot is back to the sleeveless tee! (I’m not at all shallow, I swear. It's just that last week's wardrobe was totally senior citizen center chic. The tee is a much better look -- and color, in fact.)

And now, without further ado, your primer on the pop culture references from last night’s episode:

• Margaret O'Brien movie about a ballerina falling through a trap door - The Unfinished Dance (1947), also starred Cyd Charisse

• Eddie Vedder - guitarist and lead singer of Pearl Jam

• Michelle dressed up as Angie Dickinson for Halloween - references television series Police Woman (1974-1978) starring Angie Dickinson

• gay marine -- yup, it’s a real drink made with Mount Gay Barbados rum (the oldest brand of rum in existence, created in Barbados in 1703)

Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman (1942). (Confession: I totally blanked on Ingrid Bergman’s name. All I could think was Isabella Rossellini, which is obviously wrong, but at least I was close. Isabella is Ingrid’s daughter).

Finding Nemo - animated film from Pixar (2003) that  totally deserved a Best Picture Oscar! The film features Ellen DeGeneres as the voice of Dory and, as the voice of Marlon, Albert Brooks (no relation to Mel)

Orca - 1977 film about a killer whale out to avenge the death of its mate (yeah, the 70s weren’t known for high quality story)

• “even Mrs. Robinson is giving you a weird look right now” - reference to The Graduate (1967), starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft (who was married to Mel Brooks for forty years. Both Anne Bancroft and Ingrid Bergman died of cancer.)

• Mel Brooks, 2000 Year Old Man - a repeating character of Brooks’s, part of a Q&A routine with Carl Reiner (who is no relation to Albert Brooks or Ingrid Bergman) 

• "Tonight You Belong to Me" - a song for ukelele, written in 1926 by Billy Rose, performed by tons of people but my faves are Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in The Jerk

And hey, did this happen to you? There were two commercials for Side Effects during the broadcast, but Channing Tatum didn't appear in either one. Weird how he wasn't after he was featured so prominently in the commercials during the episode "Channing Tatum is a fine actor," huh?

That's all for this week's Bunheads!! 


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