Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bunheads Recap! (season 2, episode 1)

Are you as excited as we are to see "Bunheads" back!? It's been a long wait but season 2 is finally here. Whether you missed it, or watched and missed a couple references because they go by so fast, we've got the recap of last night's episode to fill you in on all the goings-on!

When last we left the gang in Paradise, Michelle had maced the entire production of The Nutcracker Suite, Madame Fanny blamed her for her boyfriend’s desertion, and the parents of the dancers demanded Michelle be fired from the studio. But the dancers had found an ally in Michelle, and begged her to stay with them by climbing aboard chairs and declaring “Oh Captain, my captain.” (Dead Poet's Society, anyone?) As Michelle accurately noted, even that guy (from the movie, yanno) had to leave anyway.

And then we had to wait FOUR LONG MONTHS to see what happens next...

At last we return to Paradise, California, catching up on what Madame Fanny and her star students are up to since the infamous macing of the production of The Nutcracker.

Madame Fanny has closed the dance school and evidently turned it into my garage, where one can find a Christmas tree, a fireplace, police tape but no teapots. Truly is redesigning Fanny’s kitchen to resemble a Greenwich Village 1950s coffee house. Ginny is acting as real estate agent for the crappiest house there is, Melanie is spending days with her grandfather at the Oyster Bar, and Boo has just learned her Mom is pregnant and will be on bed rest for the duration of pregnancy, leaving Boo in charge of the house -- and thus having to cut back her hours at the Oyster Bar. (I seriously hope this doesn’t mean we won’t see Godot - who was headed out to Australia at the end of last season. That would totally suck.) Sasha is hiding out in Boo’s broom closet, avoiding returning home after spending the summer at the Joffrey Ballet. And finally, Michelle has landed in Henderson, Nevada (per Michelle, Henderson is the Rob Schneider to Daniel Day Lewis’s Vegas) as part of Jo-Jo’s magic show and crashing on her friend Talia’s couch.

Mind you, this is all set up / catch up. With all this established, the episode’s story line can finally get underway and it’s a pretty simple one. The girls miss dancing (especially since it means is that they’ll be required to attend gym class once school starts), Madame Fanny realizes she misses Michelle, and Michelle feels like she doesn’t really belong anywhere.

After viewing a recording of Hubbell and Michelle’s wedding, Fanny takes a trip to Henderson to tell Michelle she has a home in Paradise. This scene between Fanny and Michelle is the heart of the episode, brilliantly showing the bond between the women, what it is and what it can be, and how they are family forever, even if Hubbell is gone.

Fanny gives Michelle the wedding DVD before she goes and we, with Michelle, watch Hubbell explain to the cameraman how much he loves his bride and why. This classic storytelling technique of getting the audience to like a character by showing how other characters feel works perfectly here, perhaps more so because of Hubbell’s adorable comment: “Ducky got Molly”.  We can't not love Michelle after seeing how Hubbell felt about her. (I only wish we'd seen more of Michelle's response to watching the recording. Did she realize how lucky she was to have had Hubbell in her life? Does she lament what she lost in him?)

No longer able to hide out at Boo’s, Sasha resorts to crashing at the guest house, where the hottie she met at the end of last season, Roman (or Tyler, depending whether or not he is wearing guyliner), meets her. Before their lips actually touch, their kiss is interrupted by Michelle’s return. In a touching moment (c’mon, you can’t call it anything but, right?) Sasha runs to Michelle and throws her arms around her declaring “I’m so glad you’re back.” All right, I admit it. I teared up.

And then, THEN!, Michelle returns to the dance studio, which is magically cleared of the contents of my garage and a class is underway. Fanny presents for Michelle a mock of the youTube video of Boo telling the local news her dance teacher maced the cast of the Nutcracker.

So maybe not a whole lot really happened. But we reacquainted ourselves with our favorite characters from Paradise (except for Godot *sigh*) and are prepared to see where the story will take us.

And finally, here’s your primer on the pop culture references from last night’s episode:

• “Greenwich Village 1950s coffee house literary communist collective with pictures of Harold Clurman and Lenin” - Harold Clurman was a renowned theater director, married to Stella Adler; Vladimir Lenin, communist-turned-socialist ruler of Russia; Greenwich Village in the 1950s was filled with gathering places for artists, actors, poets, and other creatives. 
• “Friends” - NBC television series currently being rerun to death
• Gordon Ramsey - celebrity chef, British, known for having a bit of a temper
• Grandpa Walton - the patriarch of television family "The Waltons" (TV series, 1972-1981)
On Golden Pond - film about old people and loons (the birds, not the neighbors) starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn (1981)
• Katie Couric’s colonoscopy - journalist Katie famously televised her colonoscopy in 2001
• Andy Warhol  and fifteen minutes of fame - Andy was a modern artist, credited for saying everyone will be famous for 15 minutes (not to mention having created brilliant, breakthrough art)
• “Ducky got Molly” - crossed-wires reference to John Hughes’s Pretty in Pink. Michelle would know this should be “Ducky got Andie”; Hubbell wouldn’t.
The Art of War - ancient treatise on strategy and tactics credited to Sun Tzu
• “the enormous crazy woman with the pyramid system whose children end up with knock knees and PTSD” - reference to Abby Miller, whose dance school is featured on “Dance Moms”

Were you a Gilmore Girls fan? Shout out if you can identify the GG character played by last night's magician Jo-Jo!

So...what did you think of the episode? Dish!



Stephsco said...

I wanted to love this show after watching the whole Gilmore Girls series a couple years ago, but my interest waned. I watched about half of the first Bunheads season. Your post makes me want to check it out again.

Lorie Langdon said...

Great recap, Jen!
I'm looking forward to this new season!!

CareyCorp said...

I fell asleep halfway through! Finishing tonight.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, this isn't season 2, it's the "back end" of season 1. As of 2/25/13 bunheads hasn't been renewed for a second season, and the finale (Season 1 Episode 18) airs tomorrow. Expect it to be renewed about a month or two after it airs. Just FYI.

Unknown said...

Did it get renewed???

Anonymous said...

The GG character that plays the Magician is TJ, Lizzs husband. And so far, i dont think that there is a season 2

Madison H said...

Interestiing read