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Bunheads Recap! (season 2, episode 6) (S1, E16)

When last we were in Paradise…Sasha’s housewarming party ended with shouting match between her and Roman, which resulted in a date, and her night ended with her curled up on Michelle’s couch rather than in her own apartment. Millie agreed to Fanny’s plan of putting out the word that Millie is a knowledgeable patron of the arts in return for allowing Fanny full creative control. On Scotty’s last day in Paradise, he took Michelle to an event in the desert, but stops at a diner where he meets with Mom - much to Michelle’s fury.

This week…appears to have nothing to do with last week?

Arriving early for her tap class, Sam advises Michelle the date has been set for the meeting about the town’s approval of new amphitheater. But after Michelle hears her friend Talia is coming for a visit with big news, she neglects to tell Millie about the date of the meeting. This leads to Millie lying in wait for Michelle at the studio; she’s worried about the town meeting, convinced the town will create problems just to derail the amphitheater. She tells Michelle a scary tale about U2’s The Edge’s plans being prevented at every step by the town.

At the Oyster, a fundraiser for Surfers United Retirement Fund features a special event menu and a screening of the film The Endless Summer. Ginnie tells the gang she plans to try out for school spring show Bells Are Ringing - though she’s threatened to try out for school play every year and chickens out. Sasha is texting with Roman, Boo is sucking face with Carl. Cozette presents Mel with pictures of her skating. Feeling on the outside again, Ginnie bails.

Roman drops in on Sasha, offering to drive her to school. He wants the world at large to know they’re a couple. (Roman really does get great dialogue, doesn't he?) This extends into the school day, where Roman wants to eat lunch with Sasha - which means eating with the bunhead gang. They arrive as the girls are working out the details of the phone chain that will allow them all to have a sleepover at Sasha's.With Roman's arrival, the girls aren't sure what they should talk about. Roman puts the nix on all Rachel MacAdams films, especially The Notebook. Carl joins Boo at the table and Dez joins Mel. Once again the odd man out, Ginnie threatens to ask Frankie to join them.Of course, the girls don't believe she'd have the nerve. To prove them wrong, Ginny marches straight over to his table...expecting him to initiate conversation, it seems, but he ignores her and she slinks away as the bell rings.

Millie has requested (demanded) a change in the date of the town meeting and is busy working the good-for-the-town angle through tax benefits and generated revenue while at the same time having Sam and Sal’s computers hacked. Talia arrives as Millie and Truly are trying to get Michelle into a suitable pants suit - a power suit so the town board will know she's serious. Talia’s big news is a proposal from Rick, which she hesitated in accepting but in the end said yes. 

Ginny declines invite to see Mel at roller derby, declines a ride home.  She holes up in the dance studio dressing room to do her homework. The audience gets a strong sense of Ginny's sense of separation, but do her friends?

Town meeting takes place in the dance studio with Michelle appropriately attired in scary pants suit. Sam announces everything seems to be in order with the permits but is making an issue of the environmental impact: an estimated eight more trees to be removed. This loss of trees will displace the squirrels - a big problem, evidently. At last, Millie steps up and blackmails the community board into approving construction of the amphitheater.  

Talia and Michelle are staying in Faanny's house (anyone know where Fanny went?), dining on champagne and pizza to celebrate victory over the town board. Talia gets a call from one of the producers of Rock of Ages touring company offering her a part. She doesn’t know if she should accept what with being recently engaged and all. This utterly deflates Michelle; Talia now looks to gain everything Michelle lost or never had.

Ginny waits for Michelle to help her prepare for her Bells Are Ringing audition. Michelle arrives v. hung over. In coaching Ginny through her audition number, Michelle steps into the role herself. Ginny's awe struck response leaves Michelle feeling like she’s still got It.

Ginny, trying to summon the courage to go in for auditions. Frankie appears and encourages her to do it. Emboldened by her success at auditioning, Ginny attempts to ask Frankie to hang out, but that does not go as smoothly. Cozette tries to make Ginny feel better after the blunder, but Ginny once again gives Cozette a piece of her mind. Bad idea. Cozette warns Ginny that her family is very close ("Zappa tight") and if Cozette is against Ginny, Frankie will be, too.

While Talia discusses her marriage or touring company dilemma with Truly, Michelle returns the pants suit to Truly. This symbolic move tells us Michelle won’t be abandoning her creative side for the world of big business any time soon.

Next week… there’s a fire, Frankie takes his shirt off, Godot carries an axe. Fire = bad. Hot guys = good. My DVR is already set!

And now, without further ado, your primer on the pop culture references from last night’s episode:

• Tony and Carmela - reference to HBO Series The Sopranos; Tony and Carmela Soprano (as portrayed by James Gandolfini and Edie Falco) were a married couple who had legendary fights

• Dixie Chicks free speech - in 2003, Dixie Chicks vocalist Natalie Maines notoriously spoke out against then President George Bush’s plan to invade Iraq. The *&%^storm her remarks and a later magazine cover featuring the Dixie Chicks caused is, imo, something worth reading up on.

• Is Wilt Chamberlain still alive? - no. this basketball icon passed away in 1999.

Disgraced newspaper journalists for $400 please?
This former chief executive of News International (UK) who was charged with conspiring to intercept communication without lawful authority (computer hacking and phone tapping) -- who is Rebekah Brooks

• Diego Rivera - Mexican artist known for his fresco and mural work; husband of Frida Kahlo

• Zappa tight - references the family of Frank and Gail Zappa and their children, Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Muffin. Why they're an example of a tight knit family eludes me. Go forth and research, friends.

• Don Rickles - legengdary comedian, most recently known for his voice acting as Mr. Potatohead in the Toy Story films

Plus, this assortment of referenced folks for which no introduction is necessary:
Vladimir Putin, The Edge, Hillary Clinton, John Hamm, Judy Blume

And that's all for this week's episode. See you next week here at Honestly YA!


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