Monday, February 25, 2013

Stunt Casting CONJURE, Or Brando Eaton's Got it Going On

Yay! It's my turn in the casting director's chair. In CONJURE, the hero, Cooper Beaumont is sweet, kind, super adorable, and oh yeah, hot has hell. Here's how the heroine, Emma Guthrie describes him: 
Cooper Beaumont, my best friend and sole heir to this beach and the rest of High Point Bluff Plantation. Cooper, whose golden-brown hair turns blond in the sun, and whose eyes switch from blue to green depending on his clothes. The same Cooper who smells like a perfect combination of summer and the sea. That Cooper.
The unrequited, secret love of my fourteen-year-old life.
He's also got wide shoulders and killer abs, plus big, wide hands that are slightly callused from heaving miles of sailing rope on his boat.

A guy like that has to not only be jaw-droppingly gorgeous but since Cooper's not a bad boy, he's also got to look like someone you'd want to bring home to your momma. So how about Brando Eaton?  
He's definitely got the cuteness happening but what's going on under that shirt? Is there enough hotness to meet the Cooper Beaumont of my mind? Well, let's see:
Um, yeah. I'd say that about does it. I first saw him on Showtime's DEXTER--he played the son of John Lithgow's serial killer--and I was like, holy cow, he could totally be Cooper! 

But here's a little secret that I'll only share with Honestly YA's readers. The real model for Cooper in my brain is this guy:
My guy. The one I met when I was eighteen, started dating when I was nineteen, and married when I was twenty-one. And believe me, since he was a collegiate swimmer who specialized in the 200 butterfly, there was a whole lot of unbelievable hotness going under underneath that shirt. At 6-foot-one he had a perfect swimmer's "V" with super wide shoulders, a tight six pack, and a thirty-two inch waist. This picture was probably taken when he was 16 or 17, so he's just about the same age as Cooper. *wistful sigh*

But enough objectifying my husband. Sadly, he's too old to play movie Cooper so we'll have to make due with Brando Eaton. It's a hardship I'll happily endure.  

Let's turn to our heroine, Emma Guthrie. She's smart and artistic, but also shy and often a loner. She's strong, spunky and determined, too. So she can't be portrayed by a popular girl, a waif, or a cheerleader type. She's pretty but not overly sexy and, like many young teens, is insecure about how she stacks up in the looks department when compared with other girls. Though I knew she had strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes, it took me a while to figure out who could play her in a movie. Finally, I settled on Emily Osment. 
And now for Emma's pain-in-the-rear twin brother Jack. They're polar opposites, in both demeanor and looks. Though she takes after their mother, he looks just like his father with jet black hair, olive skin, and crystal blue eyes. He's also tall and lanky, and not nearly as buff as Cooper. 

Jack's the toughest for me to cast. I originally based him on a kid I knew from my children's swim league. He swam and coached for a competing team so I rarely saw him, but when I did it was like looking at the character who lived in my head. I've scoured the internet looking for male models and actors who could play smart-ass Jack, but sadly, I've never found the perfect specimen. But either of these two guys could do in a pinch. 
Either Drew Roy and Beau Mirchoff could be cast as Jack and I wouldn't shed a tear. But if you gentle readers have any other suggestions, I'd be much obliged. I'll even give you the casting credit.

So what do you all think of these picks? Have you seen Brando Eaton in action in either Dexter, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, or even Zoey 101?  Do you think he's as yummy as I do? And who would you cast as Jack? Drew, Beau or someone else entirely?

Please share because this movie's not going to cast itself!



CareyCorp said...

Love Beau Mirchoff! This is so fun.

Melissa Landers said...

Aww! That's almost exactly how I pictured Cooper, too! :)

Kimberly said...

I love Emily Osment. You're really right! She's not Hannah Montana, but she was always the girl I loved on that show. I can picture her perfectly as your heroine. Too bad about your husband not being able to play the role of Cooper...LOL.
Too fun!

Pintip said...

Does your husband know you shared that picture with us? Lol. I think it is so sweet that you based Cooper off of him. Thank you for sharing that with us. Love your picks, too. That would be quite the attractive cast!6