Thursday, April 25, 2013

DOON Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt!

 On Tuesday, the wonderful ladies at YA Books Central revealed our epically gorgeous cover, and to celebrate, we offered a signed ARC and custom charm bracelet for one lucky winner ---> Enter here <--- But since we love our Honest readers so much, today we’re doing an *exclusive excerpt* from the book…Yep, that’s right, you can read it here first!

But for now, here's a look at what our publisher created for us:

Magnificent, aye?

We are crazy in love with it! The bridge signifying the beginning of a journey, the mysterious fog, the castle in the distance telling the reader this is a modern day fairytale, and that dress…Oh, that DRESS!

And here’s a wee taste of Doon
     As we entered the village proper, the sidewalks teemed with people. Storeowners
 propped open doors to let in the fresh breeze. Residents hurried down the crooked lanes, focused on their destinations but smiling. The torrential rains that had been present since we’d first arrived in Glasglow had finally stopped, leaving behind an iridescent coating that reflected the sun like beveled glass. Every light pole, glossy leaf, and brick storefront sparkled, reminding me of something from Narnia.

     We followed a curve in the road, and a hint of fresh-brewed coffee wafted through the air to settle on my taste buds.
     “Poet’s Corner should be just ahead.” Kenna tucked a strand of crimson hair behind her ear and pointed down the street. She’d wanted to stop in town before heading to the cottage so we could visit her favorite coffee shop. She claimed they had the best cinnamon hot chocolate on the planet.
     Walking down this beautiful street with my BFF by my side, an entire summer in Scotland stretching before us, I had to suppress the urge to dance. And, as if to make the moment even more perfect, a tall, well-built boy wearing a kilt strode toward me. I noted the dark-blond waves of his hair, broad cheekbones, and strong nose. He radiated restless power. Wow. He was beyond gorgeous.
     He drew closer, his gaze never leaving my face, and his mouth slid into a slow smile.
     As he passed, his dark eyes bored into mine, and I tripped over a bump in the sidewalk. Recognition clicked into place and my heart cartwheeled into my throat. It was him—the boy who stood outside my car the day Eric and I broke up! What was he doing here?
     I regained my balance, spun around, and almost slammed into an old lady. Apologizing, I stepped around her and searched the people on the sidewalk—a tall man in a knit cap, a young mother with two small children, a short middle-aged man grinning at me, but no beautiful boy in a kilt … anywhere.
     Kenna walked up beside me and touched my arm, but I couldn’t speak. What were the chances of him being in Bainbridge, Indiana and now in Alloway, Scotland? And what was with the vanishing act?
    “Ken, did you see where that hot guy in the kilt went?” I searched the other side of the street.
     “Um … what?” I met Kenna’s wide gray eyes, her brows arched in surprise.
     “Come on, you couldn’t miss him. Tall, blond, gorgeous—”
     She was shaking her head in denial before I even finished. “I haven’t seen anyone in a kilt, let alone a hot boy. And believe me, I’ve been looking.”
     I blinked several times as if recalibrating my eyes. I was totally losing it. Pain throbbed through my head and I paused to massage my temples.
    “Are you okay?” Kenna waited patiently for me to finish.
    Had I imagined him? Again? Maybe it was jetlag—or a brain tumor. Or maybe he had followed me from Bainbridge. Then why did he keep evaporating into thin air? Just like the handkerchief in the parking lot. I kept my eyes closed for several seconds, struggling to gain control, before opening them and focusing on my friend’s concerned face. “Just tired. I could really use some caffeine right now.”

For more of DOON don’t forget to visit our cover reveal post on YABC (linked at the top of this page) and enter to win a signed ARC and Doonian charm bracelet before time runs out!

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Thanks for letting us share with you all,

Lorie & Carey

Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon are the co-writers of DOONBrigadoon reimagined. Book 1 coming 8/20/13 from the new YA imprint BLINK (a division of Zondervan/HarperCollins)


Pintip said...

Ooohhh, I love this excerpt! So intriguing. I get the feeling hot boy is going to figure prominently in this story, and I can't wait to read more about him!

Lorie Langdon said...

Thanks so much, Pintip! Yes, there is lots more of "hot boy" in the book. ;)

Kimberly said...

Hey, I've never read this part!!!!! LOL.
That's awesome. Great job, girls!
As I've been a mega-fan of Doon from the get-go, I kinda figure like I had something to do with its future success. ;-)
Your cover is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORRR-Geous.
Can't wait to get it in my greedy little paws.

Lorie Langdon said...

Hey Kim,
Yes, this scene is a more recent addition...there should be lots of surprises in the final version for you. ;D
Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support. *Big Hugs!*

Jessica Lemmon said...

This excerpt! Ohmygoodness! I want to read it nowwwwwwwww! Srsly, awesome you guys. I'm so honored to be surrounded by talented friends. *beams*

Lorie Langdon said...

Jess, you seriously just made my day! *grins* The feeling is mutual!