Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Had a Bad Day? YA Authors Share Their Strategy

Honestly YA asked a group of authors appearing at Powell's Beaverton on April 17 what they do to get over a bad day, a rough patch, or whatever setback life is throwing their way. Read on to discover their answers... and enter for your chance to win the booklet of excerpts available only at the Powell's event.

Mindee Arnett
When I have a rough day all I want to do is eat sushi for dinner (well, actually I want this on good days) too) and then to spend a couple of hours in my arm chair with a really good, really distracting book in hand and one or two of my animals cuddled on my lap.

Leigh Bardugo
Give me my dog to cuddle and a Jane Austen adaptation, or Hot Fuzz, or an Agatha Christie audiobook. Basically, I'm soothed by British actors.

Lisa Desrochers
When I have it bad, I sit down at my laptop with a bag of Starbursts and make sure my characters have it
worse ;)

Sarah Fine
When I've had a rough day, I pan-fry myself some shrimp gyoza and watch reruns of Project Runway.

Kristin Halbrook 
I usually open spotify, put on a favorite playlist or classical composer's work, and head into the kitchen. Cooking and baking soothes me. I tend to get into a rhythm of measuring and mixing and, when all is said and done, there's an edible reward at the end. Completing a short-term project like that, with an outcome I can see and appreciate, boosts my mood again.

Kody Keplinger
When I have a rough day, I usually like to curl up on the couch, put on one of my FRIENDS DVDs, and eat something delicious - like Thai food.

Ingrid Paulson
When I've had a rough day, I lace up my running shoes and literally sprint away from my problems.  And when that doesn't work, ice cream.

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Unknown said...

I like to cuddle with my kitties or get ice cream with the hubs or re-read a book that I know I love ...or do all three :)

CareyCorp said...

I'm with Leigh - anything associated with Jane Austen is a balm to my soul. My other feelgood cures Buffy, Supernatural, anything to do with Adam Levine. :)

Láyla Messner said...

Love this post. Reading and cooking are my go-to remedies.

A.J. said...

I don't see the comment I left yesterday, so I'll leave another..

Usually I hang out in my room and try to distract myself with reading, but if that doesn't work, I've noticed I tend to just clean up my room. :p

Kim (YA Asylum) said...

Music and reading is always a helper. I'll blast one of my favorite Pandora stations and pick up a favorite book (if it's a super bad day) or a new book (if it's a semi-bad day).

I totally wish I were my like Ingrid. Running off a rough day would be such a healthy way to handle it.

Desiree said...

Normally I would curl up on my couch with a good book or just lay down in bed and listen to music.