Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome Wednesday: Renee Pace's Why Heartbreak is Good for Us?

We're thrilled to welcome Renee Pace back to the Welcome Wednesday spotlight. She's got a great new book, THE FORSAKEN, which she'll tell you about in a second but first, she's got a few words to share about heartbreak...

Why Heartbreak is Good for Us?

Okay I admit when you’re boyfriend dumps you it certainly never feels good, at the time. Trust me I know. I’ve done the crying for hours. I’ve second guessed my entire self-worth. I’ve reviewed every single angle about my relationship, which I thought was perfect, and guess what…it wasn’t so perfect. After I picked myself up, let my roomies at the time chant that I’m a great person, I realized a number of things about myself I didn’t really like.
  • I had been in a relationship that was all-consuming. What the heck does that mean? That means I’d spend all my free time with him and not my girlfriends or roomies and in doing so I lost a bit of myself.
  • I had become needy? Trust me up to that point I had been totally self-reliant but letting a relationship consume me changed me.

What did I learn? Be true to myself. I’ve always been different so instead of hiding that I embraced it. Turns out after being dumped within a week I got asked out by another boy at the university and while that boosted my self-confidence I declined the date. Why? I knew I need time to love myself. I made a vow after that experience never to let a relationship take over the “me” and I’ve been true to that. I think though if I hadn’t gone through that painful period and it was a full year of recovery for me, I wouldn’t have grown into the self-confident woman I became so in a way the breakup was good for me.

Today I’m happily married to my geeky math husband for 21 years and feel blessed to have four children. I’m still me and he gets that. When I need to escape and go out and write, my hubby says have fun.


In addition to The FORSAKEN, Renee Pace writes the Nitty Gritty series featuring realistic teen multi-cultural coming of age romance.  Renee loves to hear from fans. She can be reached at and at: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Fighting for freedom means falling from grace.
After taking up arms in a heavenly war, teen angel Isabella is banished to Earth. Her penance: to live as an immortal teenager. Her objective: to create a safe haven for her fellow exiled angels who believe in her mantra of independence. Faced with life on the mortal plane, she and her girls form a rock band as a means to literally sing for their supper. 
But when Isabella saves a fallen male angel, things fall apart. If she thought her penance was hard before, she’s got an even harder path to follow now that she realizes Nathan is her soul mate—and that he holds the key to returning her to the heavenly realm. But she has no intention of going anywhere if it means leaving her sisters alone in exile. Until she discovers a hellish plan to amass a human-turned-demon army. Now she must convince the very angels who cast her out that war can no longer be avoided—if they want to survive…


CareyCorp said...

Hi Renee - *waves*

Thanks for the post and sharing your valuable life lesson. And from one angel girl to another - best of luck with the forsaken! It sounds great.

Melissa Landers said...

This is a great post, Renee. I've been there, too--lost in a kinda-sorta sick, obsessive love that turned out to be toxic. That heartbreak changed me and helped lead me to a healthier kind of relationship.

Lorie Langdon said...

I think this is a good message to hear at any age! :0)
Thanks for sharing with us at Honestly YA!

Renee Pace said...

Thank so much everyone. Now that I have a little girl of my own I'll certainly be telling her to stay true to herself. I actually dedicated this book to her - Talia and she's tickled pink by this.

Bev Pettersen said...

Congratulations, Renee! And to Talia for the special dedication. Enjoyed your post. Great advice at any age.