Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Reading Antidote

All around town, school years are ending. Lockers are being cleaned out, textbooks are being returned (though some you'd rather burn, admit it) and a pound upon pound of marble notebooks and looseleaf are poised to be recycled. A long, relaxing, fun summer is on the horizon! But school just won't let you rest. Along with your final report card you receive a list of Required Reading for the Summer. As an old broad, I can tell you some of the books on that list are wonderful...and some are torture. 


I had a ton of fun yesterday at  Book Expo America in NYC picking up books to HELP YOU have an AMAZING READING EXPERIENCE this summer!

see these books?

They're for you guys! oh, yeah!  (full disclosure: I'm reading a couple of these before I send them along because either: A) I promised the author I would; B) the preceding book ended on a cliffhanger and I'm stress eating waiting to find out what happened (I'm looking at you, Gennifer Albin). But not only am I an old broad, I have OCD issues that prevent me from breaking bindings. Who knew that would pay off?)

So here's the deal. With the exception of ONE of the books shown there, each will go up for giveaway on our Fabulous Fridays until we run out of summer* or I run out of books (and there are a couple not shown. I'm tricksy that way.) Some -- not all -- of these books are SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR(S)!

*giveaways begin 6/7, end August 16, exclude 7/5 and are subject to substitution by a Wednesday guest author giveaway. Guest author giveaways will take precedent. See our contest page for giveaway rules.

Now, you may be wondering about that ONE exception book. Well, maybe kickoff book would be a better term. Our first giveaway for the summer ties into this week's Welcome Wednesday guest post from author Joelle Charbonneau:

Pretty good kick-off, eh? And there's swag, too! Folks, the new Meg Cabot is in there. And remember Romily Bernard guest posting last year as a Golden Heart finalist? This year she's a debut author and yup, the advance copy of her book is in there...signed. (thanks, Romily!) and oh, yeah, someone called Melissa de la Cruz who also had a pen. It's in there (the book, not the pen *s*) and you will have a chance to win it.

We're going to have a good summer!


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Romily Bernard said...

Always happy to support you guys!! Thanks so much for including me!!