Monday, July 1, 2013

The Top 10 Musical Roles I Never Played

I have a love/hate relationship with my years in the Drama Club in high school. I loved it because most of my genuine friendships sprouted from my time working props, make-up and costumes for during those years. The hate part is a bit more complicated. If you’d like to know why I never played any of these glorious parts, check out my post on REGRETS: The Nine Lives of Lorie Langdon 

So I thought it would be fun to contemplate which roles I would’ve most liked to play, IF I’d had the guts to try out.

Drum roll please…

10) Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof – We did this production my sophomore year. Sunrise, Sunset is one of those haunting songs that will never leave my heart.

9) Sandra Dee in Grease – A few not-so-nice girls in HS, nicknamed me Sandra Dee for my “prudish” morals, but I think I could’ve rocked that blond curly wig and those skin-tight pants!

8) Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady – The clothes, the hats, Audrey Hepburn, “I Could Have Danced All Night”, Lerner & Loewe!!!

7) Laurey Williams in Oklahoma! – I did costumes for this play my Junior year. Seriously, I could’ve learned French or flown around the world in the time it took to sew all those flowy skirts!

6) Titania - A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Okay, I admit, doing the make-up for this one was fun, but what girl doesn’t dream of being Queen of the Fairies!

5) Fantine or Cosette in Les Miserables – I saw this play on Broadway when I was eighteen. I guarantee if I’d seen it when I was younger it would’ve given me the courage to overcome my stage fright.

4) Nancy in Oliver! – One of my favorite musicals of all time, despite the grievous omission of the literary character Monks.

3) Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz- Best. Movie. Ever.

2) Lisle in Sound of Music - I’ve been singing these songs with my Mom since I could talk, and I’ve dreamed of being Liesl almost as long. 

And #1 is…

1) Fiona in Brigadoon – Magic, Adventure, Romance, boys in kilts…need I say more? ;D

Your turn! :D If you could play a role in any musical production, what would it be and why?


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Kimberly said...

As I can't sing all that well, it kind of limited my choices when I was younger. I do, however, remember that I rocked the black tight pants--minus the wig--in my garage performance of GREASE. And the garage is where my singing career ended.
I was the lead in THE MATCHMAKER, which is the NON-singing HELLO, DOLLY when I was a senior. I got to wear all the cool clothes and makeup, and didn't have to torture anyone with my wailing. :-)
BRIGADOON has always been one of my very favorites! When Carey first told me about your book together, I was like, "What?! Why didn't I think of that?!" Haha. I remember seeing the movie when i was a kid with my grandma, who knew Gene Kelly. When my college put on the production, I went back and saw it several times. I loved those songs so much! The haunting theme song of Brigadoon, and from that heather on the hill to almost like being in love...ahhhh. Need to go see that one again!
And listen, Lorie. Anybody could have tried out for the roles, but you WROTE A FREAKING BOOK!!!! And you can do it comfy yoga pants. :-) So, there!
Great post!

CareyCorp said...

Thanks for such a fun post! For me Eponine in LES MIS is the role I'd love to do. There's nothing quite like tragic unrequited love. Also Yonah in CHILDREN OF EDEN - Stranger to the Rain is one of my most favorite songs.

Lorie Langdon said...

@Kim - You are so right - I never would've been satisfied playing a role! I'd much rather be writing my own characters, story and dialog!! And I bet you did rock those skin tight black pants! ;D

@Carey - You would've made a magnificent Eponine! :D

Stephsco said...

I loved musicals when I was younger, and saw all of my high school's productions from middle school through hs. I was in Hello, Dolly! but only as a townsperson; I have a choir voice, not a lead. Some of my best memories are from the high school musical season. Our Fiddler was awesome; several of the leads went on to theatre as adults.