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Bria Quinlan's High School Romance Regrets and Rebellion Lists...And WRECKLESS Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I'm super thrilled to welcome my friend, Bria Quinlan to Honestly YA. She's hosting an awesome giveaway of her newest release, WRECKLESS which is full of awesome. But first she's giving us her view on High School Regrets...

We all have that guy. The one from high school. You know the one. He may be in all your classes, or have the locker next to you, or is your best friend’s brother, or maybe you’re on a team together. Anyway you look at it, he’s the Oh So Close Guy.

I’m not talking about the hot guy you stare at through lunch or the one you can’t talk to when you walk right into him in the hall. I’m talking about the one who you can talk to. The one who you feel like he’s juuuuust within reach. But nothing ever happens.

Mine was named Mike. He was in most of my classes and on the track team so I felt like I saw him everywhere. Not to mention, his best friend had the locker next to mine. We were almost comfortable together. He’d make my stomach flip-flopped even as I was able to have a complete conversation with him.

And the fact that we could have a complete conversation is the whole reason I never expected him to like me. Because, if a guy who could talk to you liked you, he’d ask you out, right?

So, when the night before prom tickets were done being sold he dropped down next to me and my teammate Ericka, and asked if I was looking forward to going to the prom, I didn’t think he was asking-asking. I thought he was just stretching and chatting. Being embarrassed I wasn’t asked and was going to end up going with friends, I tried to play it off. Oh? Prom? Yeah. You know. It’s whatever. I’m going to just hang with my girls.

Mike looked at me a moment then turned to Ericka, who he didn’t really know. She gushed about how she realllllly wanted to go to prom and she really wished someone would ask her.

So he did.

On my way out to my car, his best friend grabbed me all excited we were going to all go to prom together and that’s when I realized Mike wasn’t making chit chat – he was testing the waters.

SIDE NOTE: If you are asking someone to prom, JUST ASK THEM.

SIDE NOTE 2: Playing it cool can kill your dating dreams.

If I had a Wayback Machine, that day would have gone something more like… THIS:

Mike: Hey, Bria? How’s it going? You ready for prom?

ME: Prom? Wow. I would love to go to prom. It would be great if someone had asked me. (I might even bat my eyelashes here, but that probably wouldn’t go well.) I’m sure that would have been a lot of fun, but if not, I guess I’ll just go with my girls.

MIKE: But, Bria, beautiful, charming, smart, funny, Bria. That’s what I’m here to do. To ask you. Will you, the girl I’ve been crushing on for all of high school, make me the happiest of long distance runners and go to prom with me?

ME: *gasps* ME? Why, Mike! I’d be honored to go to prom with you.


Alas, there is no Wayback Machine to jump into.

That was part of the draw of writing Wreckless. Bridget sees her social life mistakes right then and there. The rebellion list may not be crazy-daring, but it’s hers. It’s all the high school regrets she knows she would have had if she didn’t take them on in this one crazy night of high school shenanigans catch up.

Hot guy, check. Crazy to do list, check. Kissing… wellllll. She doesn’t kiss and tell, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s like “heck” with a “c” in front of it.

So, tell me: What’s the thing you’re not going to let yourself regret? What will you do this year that maybe scares the snot out of you but you’re going to put it on your own rebellion list and check it off? 

~Bria, who always wanted to be more Wreckless than she is.

Golden Heart finalist Bria Quinlan writes Romantic Comedies for teens that take hard topics and make you laugh through your tears. Her stories remind you that life is an adventure not to be ignored. You can contact her find her at OR on twitter @briaquinlan.

She also writes sweet & sassy Contemporary Romances as Caitie Quinn.

Both personalities are represented by the awesomely amazing Laird Lauren Macleod of the Clan…. Oh, wait. Of Strothman Agency.

Check out her books and join the conversations at Goodreads.

Wreckless...Where obsession and rebellion collide.  
Bridget Larson's never met a rule she didn't like. Drawing inside the lines isn't just a way of life - it's the only way she can make it through the day. And through it all her BFF Leah has stood inside the lines with her through the unspeakable. Then Bridget catches her boyfriend with Leah and the last thing on her mind is staying safe.  
Salvation... A bad boy and his jacked up pickup.  
Jake Moore was everything she needed and nothing he claimed to be. With one night of freedom and a spontaneously scribbled Rebellion List, Jake leads Bridget down every path she thought was forbidden... And into the one place she'd thought was lost to her forever. 
And now for the awesome giveaway! Click through the Rafflecopter thingee below and we'll pick a random winner. Good luck!

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Jackie P said...

I'm entering for my daughter, so I'm not going to attempt to answer your question! Thank you for the giveaway, though...She will love this book :)

Pintip said...

Hi Bria! What a great post. You must've been devastated when that happened! But at least it inspired you to write Wreckless! It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to reading it!

CareyCorp said...

Great post Bria!

Unknown said...

In the past I've gone up to guys I've liked and told them how I felt and while those may have been cringe-worthy and not-so-successful moments, I never let myself regret them because I know not everyone has the guts to put their feelings out there.

As for the 'confronting that one thing that scares the heck out me' task, I'd definitely go through with it if only I could remember what that one thing is :)

Bria Quinlan said...

I was locked out of this all week!

Thanks for having me ladies! It was a lot of fun (not that my friend cleared my history then worked some other magic and broke in!)

Shubhi - I wish I had that confidence! Good for you.

And, yes, I guess I might have lived a little bit through Bridget's adventures ;)