Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DOON, a Fantasy Casting Session - Part 2

While my adorable co-author, Lorie, *dreams* of DOON becoming a movie, I have to admit I dread it. Mainly because Hollywood would have to cast my characters with real, live actors. Aside from screenplays that may or may not do the book justice and directorial interpretation, how could any flesh and blood mortals compare with the larger than life people in my head?

Back in February, when Lorie posted her DOON, a Fantasy Casting Session, she threw down the gauntlet for my follow-up post. For months I’ve procrastinated because I haven’t been up to the task of fantasy casting my characters Mackenna and Duncan. And then, along came Jane Levy …
Jane has the red hair and the range to play drama diva Mackenna Reid.  She’s not quite the amazon that Kenna is but, stature aside, she’s perfect. When I started watching her sitcom Suburgatory, I’d watch this clever and captivating actress and think, “She could totally do Kenna.”
But fantasy casting Kenna, only solves half the equation.  What about Kenna’s prince with the heart of gold and the charm of the boy next store? I’m talking about my ultimate good guy Duncan MacCrae.

For the past three years I’ve caught glimpses of this character, but I still don’t have the right someone locked in. The closest thing to Duncan is Jared Padalecki circa 2004 when he first started filming Supernatural.  In my mind, season one Sammy Winchester is as close to Duncan as you can get, Scottish accent nowithstanding. In fact, as my obsession with Supernatural has continued to grow, I’ve often marveled at how similar Sam and Duncan are: honestly, loyal, vulnerable, witty without the side of snarky, and totally loveable. (Now don’t think I’m bashing on the alpha brother ‘cause I love me some Dean Winchester, too!)

 In fact, Sam and Duncan are so similar in character, temperament, and physicality that I would be worried I’d subconsciously patterned my character off of Supernatural, except … I didn’t start watching the show until this year. After DOON had been written and rewritten—seven times. After the novel had been sold in a four book deal to Zondervan/HarperCollins.

Unfortunately Jared is too old to play the teenaged Scottish prince. But since this is a FANTASY casting session, I choose Jared! And in my fantasy, he does a perfect Scottish accent. 
So how about you? Who would you choose to play Kenna and Duncan in your fantasy casting session of DOON?

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Carey Corp is the author of DOON, Brigadoon reimagined, co-written w/Lorie Langdon. Book 1 coming 8/20/13 from the new YA imprint BLINK (a division of Zondervan/HarperCollins)
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Anonymous said...

When I was reading I right away pictured Duncan as Kellen Lutz and Jamie as Alex Pettyfer.

Kellen will always be Duncan to me, he meets the "strong ogre" part so well :)