Thursday, August 22, 2013

Interview with DOON Cover Model: Shanna Grace, plus Giveaway!

Hi friends, Lorie here! I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented and beautiful actress who portrays Veronica Welling on the epic DOON cover and book trailer!

Hi Shanna! So glad to have you with us! 

Happy to be here!

1) So, you’re a model and an actress, how has that gone over with your friends and others at your school? Do they treat you differently? 
My friends are very supportive of my modeling and acting! They like me to show them all of the new fun things I am working on. I don’t know what I would do without their support, it definitely keeps me going and allows me to grow and get better and better at what I love doing. At first people questioned me when I packed up my books in 8th grade for three months   and moved to Los Angeles to audition. Being from Colorado we aren’t really exposed to as much of the film and photography acting world as they are in California. Once everyone saw the results of my hard work they began to understand why I sacrifice so much to be able to do what I love. They treat me just as any other friend any I wouldn’t want it any differently!

I’m so glad to hear that!

2) What’s the best thing about being a model?
The best thing about being a model is that it's just a fun part of my life! With the book covers, I get to wear things that transform me into a character in the book. How often do you get to do that :)! The photographers have an image in mind that they want and we get to bring it to life through angles, lighting, locations, and costumes. The opportunities to do something unique are endless. Plus it's a blast sometimes getting my hair and makeup done! 

Shanna with Mike Heath - creator of the Doon cover and trailer
3) What’s the best thing about being an actress?
The best thing about being an actress is stretching my acting abilities through lots of different roles. I get to experience situations that I wouldn't otherwise if I wasn't an actress. It's an opportunity to be myself but play a much different character. Acting allows me to be put in situations and places that I would never have dreamt. A fantasy Scottish world…WHAT?! How awesome is that!

4) Besides your work with DOON’s especially gorgeous cover and movie-quality book trailer (Of course, we know that’s your favorite ;) what has been your favorite job and why?
I absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to be a part of DOON’s book cover and of course amazing trailer! Another memorable experience and favorite job would have to be working on a pilot with a group of amazing, international comedians. Being on set with them and watching their expertise in comedy created such a fun atmosphere! Doing improv scenes with them really helped me to grow as an actress. I had to feed off of everything they did and create responses on the spot...without laughing!  Believing I am growing an actress with every film, lets me gain confidence in my skills. That is a huge factor as to why this was one of the most memorable projects.  

Improve? You are seriously brave!

5) Now I must ask…What was the best part about doing the DOON cover and trailer?
Shanna on Doon trailer set
Although there are so many favorite parts, the best memory of doing the “DOON” cover and trailer would be the fact that it was so unique and unlike anything I have ever done! It was the most green screen I have worked on in a shoot. Being able to see all of the pieces come together was incredible! The photographer did a fantastic job making everything seem so magical in creating your amazing cover and trailer. I also loved that glamorous burgundy dress! It took about 30 minutes to get laced up properly but it was well worth it because I felt like royalty!  

Ah, yes, the dress…We’ve already had people reaching out to us asking where to find it. Last we heard from the photographer, they don’t make that particular dress anymore. I’m sad, because I would totally wear it to book signings! ;-)

Enough of business, now let’s have some fun! Quick! Answer these 20 questions with the first thing that pops into your mind:

1) You can choose one person in history to have dinner with. Who would it be?
Hmm… that’s a really tough one! Probably Elizabeth Taylor because she was and still remains such an influential and talented icon. I learned a lot when I researched her for a tribute shoot I did on her. I would love to just ask her so many questions about herself and filming in old Hollywood. And I absolutely love that she was given the horse in Black Beauty as a gift because I also ride.  

2) Which celebrity would you ask to prom?
I would definitely have to ask Hunter Hayes to prom. LOVE HIM!

3) You can only pick one song to listen to for the rest of your life. What song do you choose?
Oh boy this is a really hard one too… it would probably have to be Hakuna Matata because there’s no way you can be in a bad mood with that song blasting!

4) If you could switch places with one person in the Bible (other than Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit), who would it be?
I would have to choose Noah because I love animals and I would definitely be the one to save them all two by two!

5) Kind of like my character, Vee I’m a bit obsessed with good food. What’s your most favorite thing to eat?
Vee and I are a lot a like in that way! My two favorites are steak with a ton of A1 sauce and blue cotton candy!

6) Lucky Charms or Organic Granola?
Lucky charms all the way. Do they sell it with just marshmallows? Because that would definitely be the best thing ever.
Good choice!

7) Favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best!!!

8) Favorite literary food? (any food you’ve read about in a novel)
The Turkish Delight in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” sounded so tempting to me!!!

9) A specialty in Doon is haggis pizza. What’s the craziest food you’ve ever tried?
The craziest food I have ever tried would probably have to be frog legs...which sounds cliché, but actually tasted like chicken!

10) Okay, enough with the food questions. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
One of my goals in life is to travel the world so I have definitely considered this question a lot. I would have to choose Fuji because it is absolutely breathtaking and I am an ocean girl!

11) Favorite literary hero of all time?
Of all time is a hard one but one of my favorites recently is Katniss Everdeen from the “Hunger Games” because she represents so much empowerment and strength.

12) A curse destines you to spend eternity as a movie villain, which villain would you be?
The Wicked Witch of the West because I played Dorothy when I first started acting and it would be interesting to see the other side of the story like in Wicked!

13) Your fairy godmother shows up and offers to turn you into a Disney princess. Which one would you choose?
I would have to choose Sleeping Beauty because it incorporates two of my all time favorite things, animals and sleeping!

LOL! I would choose Sleeping Beauty as well, but that has more to do with my crush on Prince Philip!

14) Everyone has some kind of bad habit, unsightly physical feature, or undesirable quirk that defines them. Fill in the blank: Love me, love my _____________.
I have lots of these things so let me think...Love me, love my ability to snore loudly sometimes.

15) If you could donate a million dollars to one cause or charity, what would it be?
Definitely an animal shelter... bet you predicted that one!

16) If you were an animal, what would you be?
Although I love my horses and kitty and I want a pet sloth, I would have to be an eagle because they are protected under law and because flying seems like the most amazing ability!

17) What’s your most random talent?
My most random talent is being able to eat more than any of my friends...I am that friend that when you’re done, you know to pass the rest my way.

18) Do you prefer boys in kilts or trousers? (This is not a trick question ;)
Although I'm Scottish, and please don't judge me, I like my boys in trousers. American girl right here...haha!
I didn’t know you were Scottish! How cool!

19) Favorite current TV show?
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! Sorry about the caps but this got me kind of excited because its on tonight and I am obsessed with it :)

20) If you were crossing the Brig o’Doon what 3 things would you want with you?
1) My family 2)My friends 3)My animals!

Great answers!
Thanks so much for visiting with us here on Honestly YA, Shanna!

Now Honest readers, leave a comment for a chance to win a signed DOON poster!

Shanna Grace: Bio: A documentary about my experiences auditioning in Los Angeles called "Hollywood Complex", debuted at HotDocs in Canada. It's been on showtime and Netflix and has been movie of the week on ITunes. Amazingly it's had over 700,000 views in the UK! I was interviewed by "Girlfriend Magazine" which is the Seventeen Magazine in Australia. They asked questions about my experiences acting. My goal is to inspire other girls to go for it if it's also their dream! My most recent projects have been a pilot for Amazon Prime with Grawlix and Nix Brothers Productions, Back to the 80's with Liquid Luck Productions and other book covers and trailers. This summer I have been in a few commercials, just shot a horror short film and I have begun stunt training for an up coming SciFi movie! Ready for the fun to continue!!


Pintip said...

What a fun and charming interview! I really enjoyed all the food questions, but maybe that's just me -- ha. Best of luck, Shanna. That cover is so gorgeous. And Lorie, it's really too bad you can't wear that dress to book signings!

Two Tall Tales said...

It's always a good thing to do what you love. This was a wonderful post and the Doon cover is beautiful.

Brenna @ Two-Tall-Tales

CareyCorp said...

Thanks Shanna. I love the behind the scenes pictures!

Bonnie Staring said...

Great interview, Lorie! And thank you, Shanna, for sharing so many cool details about your career! It sounds like you have a lot of fun with everything you do, which is a fantabulous way to live!

Shanna Grace said...

@Pintip: Thank you so much, best of luck to you as well :)

@ Brenna Wildung: Thank you, I am glad you like it!

@CareyCorp: Thank YOU so much! It was an amazing opportunity :)

@Bonnie Staring: Thank you, the reason behind what I do is because I love it, I can't imagine any other way! :)

Vivien said...

Excellent interview! It's so interesting to read the behind the scenes stuff. You don't always get that perspective. The whole creative process had to be a blast!

kellis_amberlee at yahoo dot com

Chad said...

She seems like a really nice and authentic person. I hope her book does well.

Tonja Drecker said...

This was a fun interview. It's great to finally hear something from and about the models for the book covers, and she seems like such a nice person. It's terrific that she found a job she loves - and such an original one too :)