Monday, August 26, 2013

Teen Friendships: Passing Notes

When I think back to my early teens, a few things stand out. My long permed hair, with six-inch high bangs. Learning to drive a car when I was barely fourteen. But what I remember most about that time in my life are my friends.

I had two best friends, and we were as close as any friends could be. We had lunch together every day, talked on the phone for hours, and spent the weekends at each other's houses. And since we didn't have every class together, we passed notes in the hallways.

Oh my goodness, these notes! We exchanged a dozen or more on a daily basis. They said things like: "So bored. Can't wait for lunch." And: "Almost bumped into Camera in the hallway. He smiled and said sorry!!!!" -- Camera, of course, being the code name for one of the boys we were crushing on.

I saved every single note in an oversized cookie tin, and a few years later, one of these friends and I spent an entire afternoon reading through them and roaring with laughter.

The years passed. I went away for college, my parents moved out of my childhood home, and the cookie tin got lost somewhere in the process.

I wish I still had those notes. The were silly and lacked substance. They were probably repetitive and not terribly original. But they represent a time in my life where I was carefree and frivolous. Where I was accepted and loved without question. Where, for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged.  

I've made many dear friends since then, experienced many silly, heart-warming moments. But it all started with those notes.  

How have teenage friendships influenced me? I think they taught me I never had to be more than just myself. That laughter might be the only cure for heartache. That it is the people in my life -- not things or achievement or success -- that brings me true joy. 

What about you? How have teen friendships influenced your life?

-- Pintip 


CareyCorp said...

Great post Pintip. You were old school texting and you didn't even know it. LOL!

Pintip said...

Ha, Carey! I totally had that same thought, too!

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Oh, my gosh, I kept silly notes my friends and I wrote to each other for YEARS after high school. I don't remember throwing them out, actually -- they're probably still at my mum's house...

Great post, Pintip!

Kimberly said...

I saved all my notes from friends and boyfriends for YEARS. Probably DECADES...and then they just disappeared. It's kind of sad when you want to reread them, but you can't. It's also sad that teens today lost that art in place of texting, which gets deleted way sooner than I would want. Fewer trees used, but fewer memories stored. You know me. I like to hoard. Lol.
I know exactly what you mean about those hallway exchanges. Mine were more like, "Meet me in the stairwell." Lol. :-) Not ALWAYS from just friends.