Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear Aspiring YA Author, Revised

Carey here. Melissa has graciously let me hijack her post for the holiday, so I thought I'd do a revision to Dear Aspiring YA AuthorHappy Labor Day!!!

Dear Aspiring YA Author,

Thank you so much for resubmitting your brilliant dystopian. The requested revisions were spot on! In truth, I could not put the book down!!! IMHO—your manuscript is as good as or better than many similar bestselling books currently in market. Unfortunately, much to my deep disappointment, I am not able to make an offer on your book at this time as I am exclusively acquiring dark contemporaries. 

However, if you wouldn’t mind revising just a tad, I would be happy to take another look. For instance, if you could turn your futuristic society into a modern day rural south high school obsessed with curling, your oppressive government into a local minister against dancing, and your mutant virus into a prevalent teen issue, like a pregnancy pact, I think it would be exactly what I am currently looking for. 

Also I would be very interested in seeing anything you have with slightly older protagonists. As of right now, I am under a mandate from this publishing group to acquire anything and everything with “new adult” in the subject line.

All the best,
Jane Doe Publisher

Your Turn: What do you predict will replace dark contemporaries as the next YA trend?


Pintip said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! This is hilarious, Carey!! Thanks for the laugh.

CareyCorp said...

You are most welcome!

Stephsco said...

Haha...oh this is funny. I'm hoping for a resurgence in historical YA, but I'm leaning toward contemporary thrillers. F