Monday, November 18, 2013


Good day, Honest Readers! Lorie here.

After Melissa’s compelling arguments for “Nice Guy” heroes (and the lovely shirtless Steve Rogers), I promised a Bad Boy rebuttal.

My assertion? Bad Boys make more interesting characters. Period. If I want a nice boy, I don’t have to look any farther than my own backyard. But a strong, gorgeous guy who’s unpredictable and a little dangerous hooks me faster than a dark chocolate brownie sundae.

So let’s get right to it! Continuing with The Avengers theme, I present: 

Exhibit A -

The Mighty THOR.
Two can play at that game, Ms. Landers!

Thor begins his first solo movie as the typical arrogant, punch-first, ask-questions-later kind of Bad Boy. Much like Prince Jamie MacCrae—the hero in my novel, DOON—Thor is heir to the throne, and is torn between his own desires and what is best for his kingdom. But through a series of superhero-sized obstacles, and with the help of a strong woman, his reckless behavior soon transforms into a humble nobility that earns him back his crown—and the woman he loves.

Exhibit B -

Tony Stark – a.k.a.: Ironman
Who could resist that wicked smirk?

Tony Stark has Bad Boy written all over him. He’s brilliant, charming and gorgeous. But he’s also a womanizing, self-absorbed jerk with a razor-edged wit. He’s flawed and we adore him for it. Through the love of the patient Pepper Potts, Tony becomes the kind of hero who is willing to give up his life to save the world.  I’m sorry, but if “Boy Scout” Captain America made the sacrifice play in The Avengers, we would expect it of him, and it wouldn’t be nearly as impactful.

And don’t even get me started on the ultimate Avenger's Bad Boy, Loki…that’s a whole different topic!

In closing, there’s nothing more delicious than a self-assured, seemingly-unattainable alpha male character who can’t let his emotional walls down for anyone, except his true love.
But the appeal of Bad Boys isn’t just about the pull of danger or the enigma they present—though this does make for interesting reading—it’s about redemption. That perfect moment when love releases all the pent up emotion they’ve buried deep inside, transforming them into the honorable hero they’ve always had the potential to be.

Join the debate! Do you prefer a well-behaved boy next-door or a tortured Bad Boy with a reckless edge?

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Melissa Landers said...

Oh, curse you, Lorie! You've swayed me with Iron Man and Loki. I also love Captain Jack Sparrow, another bad boy with a witty edge that forces me to love him.

(But my shirtless Steve Rogers still spanks your shirtless Thor.)

Lorie Langdon said...

LOL, Mel! If you like Loki you HAVE to see Thor 2!! I'm even more fascinated by him after seeing that movie this weekend. And...there's a cameo by Captain America that I'm still laughing about!
(I'll agree to disagree on shirtless Thor vs. Steve Rogers ;-)

Pintip said...

I love Tony Stark!!!! Great arguments, Lorie, you've totally swayed me. :)

Lorie Langdon said...

Yes! Another convert!! ;o) Thanks for reading, Pintip!

Kimberly said...

I love the bad boys. I also like what you said about redemption. There's nothing sexier than a bad boy who's been redeemed. :-) I guess that's why I loved the old historicals and the idea of reformed rakes making the best husbands.
I married a nice guy, but I love reading about the bad boys. Lol.
Great post, Lorie!

Lorie Langdon said...

Thanks, Kim! I married a nice guy too, but there's nothing like those tortured bad boys for literary entertainment. ;D