Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Darynda Jones Loves Those Bad Boys!

When we first came up with the topic of Bad Boys for this blog rotation, I immediately thought of Darynda Jones.  In both her adult (Charley Davidson) and Young Adult (Darklight) series, the boys have the feeling of being bad, but they're the kind of bad you want on your side.  They're the kind of bad that protects a girl/woman with their lives.  The kind of bad you'd never want to meet in a dark alley.  My kind of bad!  Although I was originally hooked with the adult series, I became equally so with the Darklight series.  

Not only did Darynda Jones agree to post on our Welcome Wednesday about bad boys, but she's also giving away a copy of the Darklight book of choice to one lucky commenter.  (See choices at the bottom of her post).  

I asked Darynda how she felt about bad boys, and this is how she answered:

Okay, fine. I admit it. I love me some bad boys. The badder, the better, that’s my motto. But let me clarify: When I say bad boys, I do not mean those boys destined to spend time behind bars for crimes against women. No, no, no, no, no. I mean those boys who brood. Those boys who stew. Those tormented souls with a dark past who have a tendency to live on the edge. Who exude danger. A certain je ne sais reckless abandon.

At the same time, however, they ultimately respect the lives of those around them and, rather importantly, women. Girls. Their feminine counterparts. In fact, if anything they are more apt to fall for that one special girl and fall hard. Hard enough to go through hell and high water to keep her safe. THOSE bad boys.

That’s why I have more than one bad boy in the Darklight Trilogy. Among the group of misfits the trilogy revolves around is a quiet, brooding sophomore named Cameron. Tall with shoulder length blond hair and eyes like a swimming pool in sunlight, Cameron has a special connection to the spiritual realm, with good reason. He is nephilim, a half-angel, half-human created to protect the prophet (who is destined to save the world) against supernatural beings that will do anything to stop her. No pressure.

Then I have the hero, Jared, who just happens to be the ultimate bad boy: The Angel of Death. Literally. And he definitely has a dark side. After all, he’s taken the lives of humans since their creation. And he, unlike his brethren, has the autonomy to kill at will. That has to take its toll. He is also tall only dark and exotic and intoxicating to our heroine, Lorelei.  When he is sent to take her, to end her life, he recognizes the wild red curls and deep gray eyes of the prophet and realizes something is wrong. He was sent to kill her? The prophet? The only being on earth who can save it from total destruction? With that niggling question, he decides to risk everything, his autonomy, his powers, possibly his very existence, to do the right thing. Instead of taking her life, he saves it. And that’s pretty much when all hell breaks lose.

Thank you so much for having me here today and I hope you enjoy the Darklight Trilogy!


Please leave the book of choice in your comment.

Thanks, Darynda, for being with us today!


Pintip said...

Darynda, I LOVE the bad boys in your books. Especially Cameron and Jared. Sigh. Thanks so much for being with us today!!! Hope you are doing well!

Melissa Landers said...

Hey, Darynda! Thanks for stopping by. I prefer good guys, but I LOVE your personal brand of bad boys because you rock them like a hurricane. No, you rock them like a sharknado!

Denny S. Bryce said...

Wow...bad boys are yummy, and I love your description of Jared, the Angel of Death - the series is definitely on my must-read list. And thank you for defining the boundaries of your bad boy! Well stated, and a keeper in my 'writer girl' files. Thank you!

Shea Berkley said...

I don't see your boys as bad. Like you said, they're edgy, intense, feel everything and love hard. It's that intensity that makes people think bad boy because they aren't afraid to fight for what they want and believe in, no matter what others say or think. It's that last part that people equate with bad. Bucking the usual. So if that is bad, then I'm okay with it.

C.S. Maxwell said...

Great post...and am also a huge fan of bad boys. Those men who walk on the edge are delish.
But yeah--ultimately respect women and are fiercely loyal.
I've read all three and have all three of D's books, but I would love to have a copy of the first book. Is it hardback/paperback?

Readaholics said...

I love bad boys! Great post! Love the Darklight series, Jared is delish. Super site, Honestly YA. XOXO

Carlene Love said...

Bad boys make me smile! Especially when it's so darn cold outside and all I want to do is wrap up with a tortured soul romance story. Thanks for telling us all about your brand of bad boy, Darynda! Warm hugs to all :)

Amy said...

If Darynda writes it, I will read it. And I absolutely love all of her bad boys. They are the best type.

Keely Thrall said...

I remember comparing my boyfriend's eyes to a swimming pool in the sun. Yum! Darynda, your YA bad boys sounds scrumptious!! (I've only read your adult series, so I'd be happy to start with book one of the YA trilogy should I be so lucky as to win a copy!)

Heather Jonassen said...

I love your description! And I especially love the bad boys. :)I guess I better read your YA series. It sounds really good!

Amber Hughes said...

Great post! Love Darynda's "bad boy" characters! She really knows how to write em'! :-)

Jennifer McGowan said...

I can never get too many bad boys :) -- Great post and thank you for blogging, Darynda!

Unknown said...

Bad Boys Rock! What a fabulous interview! Love the Darklight Trilogy! Darynda is the Best!

Bonnie Staring said...

Great post, Darynda! Thanks for reminding me about why I loves me those bad boys too! As a fan of your adult series, I'd love to get my hands on book 1 of your YA series. Have a fantabulous day!

Unknown said...

This series looks awesome, Darynda! I, too, love me a good brooding bad boy with baggage - but always able to take care of his friends and lovers! I would be pleased to receive any book you choose, should my name be drawn. Can't wait to read the entire series!

Tammy Baumann said...

Great post Darynda!

Funny,you like your bad boys, but last weekend your 'bad boy' was anything but as he patiently put up with six women shopping in Santa Fe! I think you got the best of both worlds! :) (Hello Kim. I miss you!!)

Kimberly said...

I love the bad boys in books. In reality, I like the nice guy with little drama and no baggage. Lol.
Although Darynda's bad boys have baggage spanning lifetimes rather than a few crappy past relationships, they do rock! I love her bad boys!!! :-)
Thanks for blogging with us today, Darynda!

Unknown said...

Wow, cool concept! Bad boys are the best, and you don't get much badder than the angel of death. Sounds like an exciting series!

Amy said...

What a great breakdown of what makes a dreamy bad boy! I've loved your adult series Darynda, and now you've made it necessary to read the YA series, too! Thanks Kim, for a fun post.

Catherine said...

Is it weird that when I see a stranger on the street who has the "bad boy" look I think to myself 'he probably has a heart of gold'…i know I know; I'm definitely going to get myself kidnapped one day.

Darynda said...

LOL, thanks all again for having me today!!! This was great fun. I'm so grateful for all the kind words! XOX!

Darynda said...


Amy F said...

Jared and Cameron are yummy, and Glitch cracks me up! Reyes, however, is the best of Darynda's bad boys!!
I'd love a copy of Death and the Girl He Loves. :)

Kimberly said...

Okay. I admit that I just googled Sharknado. Wow. Never would have seen that one coming. Lol.

Vanessa Barneveld said...

I'm sorry for dropping in so late to your fabulous post on bad boys, Darynda! This definitely makes me a bad girl. I do have a weakness for those brooding, but sensitive heroes!

Stephsco said...

Just wanted to chime in that I really enjoyed the First Grave on the Right! I need to read these YA books now :)

Unknown said...

I love both bad boys of the Darklight series but Cameron has a special place in my heart!

Kimberly said...

Bonnie Staring,
You have won the free book! Please contact us with your address.
Thanks for participating, and make sure you check back with Honestly YA.

Bonnie Staring said...

Whoo hoo! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thanks so much!

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