Monday, November 25, 2013

Writing on the Dark Side

Each of us here at Honestly YA has a choice of two topics to blog on during this iteration. In brief, the choice is either "crushing on bad boys" or "dealing with the dark side of writing". I have a very fun "bad boys" post half written. I even have pictures for it! But it's that half written part....

See, I'm currently on deadline. This time not turning in a book, but revising based on feedback from my editor. I'm shifting scenes, creating scenes, entirely reworking dialogue and entirely rewriting scenes.

So, for the sake of time (of which I have very little because those edits are due at the same time this blog is and I really should have planned better but hahahahaha -- yeah) and to give you a glimpse at my current struggle with the Dark Side, I bring you: Typical Deadline Day....

With a massive pot of coffee burbling in the background (because those cup-at-a-time things are just plain craziness on days like this) breakfast is served:

Yes, it wouldn't look quite so bad if I had sliced a piece and placed it on a plate rather than eating from the foil liner, but this is how many clean plates I have left:

This is my cabinet. One Hershey kiss on a cake stand. That kiss is mocking me.

Fortified by caffeine and powdered sugar, it's time to get to work. There will be twenty to twenty-five minutes of sheer panic and the threat of tears before the daily inspiration/reminder sinks in:

Coffee mug in hand, I settle in with the laptop and the edit notes. Realizing nothing fun will happen all day, the dog goes into deep depression.

Even if I had time to take a break, I couldn't go outside and throw a ball for her. The only clean clothes I own at this point are pajama bottoms and evening gowns. My laundry bin looks like this:

But it's okay. Pajama bottoms are crazy comfortable for writing all day. And while I won't actually put on an evening gown, sometimes I can't resist wearing a tiara to cheer me.

Disclaimer: this is not my tiara. I need to excavate my tiara from the
wreckage of my office. But I'm busy, eh? So here's the first tiara that
comes up on a google search.

Eventually, I get lost in the work. With no idea time is passing, I'm surprised/annoyed/embarrassed when I realize the sun has set and the reason I'm squinting at the keyboard like a blind woman is not fatigue but total darkness. This is also the point I realize I've had nothing to eat all day but some crumb cake. 

Bring on dinner!

See that diet coke with lime? That's totally Linda Gerber's fault -- she hooked me on the stuff. Now I wouldn't dream of approaching edit evenings without it. It's a special treat on a rough day, because let's face it:

And even though I have not sent my editor the first draft, or the second, still there's a whole lot of shoveling to do.

So you'll excuse me if I get back to it. I've got more words to wrangle, and then I might eat ice cream from the carton because I have just about as many clean bowls as clean plates...



CareyCorp said...

OMG - I love this!

Kimberly said...

You crack me up on so many levels! :-)
I can completely relate even though I'm not on a deadline with an editor.
I loved your pictures and captions and post and just everything! It made my day.
I would have commented last week, but I was finishing NaNo because I procrastinated and had to work doubly as hard to finish the darn book! Lol.
Thanks for making my Monday morning! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Diet Coke with Lime! Yes! And pajama bottoms, the initial panic, sounds like me. We'll leave you in peace to get it done (and leave a six-pack of DCwL on your doorstep). :)

Unknown said...

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