Monday, December 16, 2013


I’m a sucker for a nice guy. Whether the overlooked best friend or the boy next door, they deserve their measure of happiness and I root for them to win, even when the girl of their dreams is decidedly unworthy.

If I learned anything from 80s movies, it was the value of the Duckies and Lloyd Doblers of the world. Forget the rich, stunningly handsome, unattainable guys and the unrepentant bad boys in need of redemption, I want the boy who holds up the boom box; the one who wants me for myself—flaws and all. Most importantly, I want the guy who knows me better than I do.

Can any of us hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" without thinking of this scene?

What is the real appeal of the good guy? It’s not his easy-to-overlook handsomeness, his subtle charm, or the polite way he treats those around him. Yes, he’s loyal, witty, thoughtful, and gets those around him on an intrinsically deep level. However the true appeal of the good guy is his emotional availability. He’s not some prickly coconut that you have to crack before an emotional connection can be made. He’s ready and waiting to give you everything.

Another wonderful thing about the good guy is his underdog heart. To get the girl, he has to persevere against the Blaines of the world openly, creatively and with his whole being. But the good guy’s heart is a fragile thing. When he gives it away, he gives it all. This tender vulnerability is at the center of his appeal. Unlike bad boys, he can be irrevocably decimated by love. (Ever notice good guy stories contain a lot more angst? And I love me some angst!)
I still root for Duckie every time I watch PiP.
The good guy is like a hidden gem. While bad boys wear their sexy on the outside, the good guy’s sexy exists on the inside. Like a flower waiting for the caress of spring, he’s just waiting for the right girl to coax it out of him. And when he blossoms, it’s a beautiful thing.

Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with the Winchester brothers of SUPERNATURAL. While Dean is awesome with his snarky comebacks and his swoon-worthy charm, I’m a Sammy girl all the way.
Somehow I lost a whole hour swooning over Sammy pictures while writing this post.
 As a writer, I’m also obsessed with the good guy. So much so that my debut novel, THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE GUARDIAN had two of them. Gabriel is heavenly—quite literally. Although he’s in mortal form, he’s nearly perfect and my heroine, Alex, can’t help but fall in love with him. He’s also a metaphor for first love. I mean, what better symbolism for the idealistic perfection of first love than an angel.

Derry is not so perfect. He’s the flawed best friend who knows Alex better than she knows herself. Don’t get me wrong, the angel is *insert swoon* AMAZING. But what really intrigued me about this story was the boy who comes after the angel. Does Derry even have a shot? I guess we’ll find out in book 2 of THE HALO CHRONICLES: THE KEEPER.

In the DOON series, I write sweet, emotionally available young brother Prince Duncan MacCrae. (Who sounds a lot like Sam Winchester, but I SWEAR I never even watched SUPERNATURAL until after the first DOON book sold!) Duncan is a wonderful contrast to his coconut of an older brother Crown Prince Jamie MacCrae (written by Lorie Langdon). Much like the Winchester Brothers, one of my favorite things about DOON is you get both a bad boy and a good guy without some weird love triangle. With DOON, I can be TEAM JAMIE and TEAM DUNCAN. But if I had to chose...well, sorry Lorie, I'm a sucker for a good guy-especially one of my own making!

Find out more about DOON at The Dooniverse.

YOUR TURN: Are you a Dean girl or a Sammy girl?

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Melissa said...

Confession: I've never seen Supernatural!

But who wouldn't love Ducky and Lloyd? There are some bad boys, who intrigue me, but the good ones, the sweet ones, wow...they kinda steal your heart.

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